ECC100 PRO software

activation code
incl. EOT detection
incl. AquadB in/out
incl. multi-device operation
incl. open-loop fine positioning
incl. variable closed-loop setpoint
incl. extended trigger functionality
Art. No.: 1007995

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Product Description


The ECC100, is designed to be operated remotely via a computer by using the PC software interface “DAISY”. A basic version of DAISY is provided by attocube by default, the activation code for a fully-featured /PRO version of DAISY can be purchased through attocube’s sales team at any time. The /PRO version offers several additional functionalities and features, such as multi-device operation (controlling several ECC100 with the same PC), real-time setpoint modulation required for a fast response to an input signal, finepositioning capabilities in open loop mode, end of travel detection, and additional input & output trigger signals (AquadB).

Technical Specifications

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Trigger Signals

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