ANM300 stepping and scanning module

single step mode: 0-150 V,
scan mode: 0-150 V (gain: 15),
incl. 1 positioner connection cable
Art. No.: 1003822

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Product Description


The ANM300 module is an open loop positioning and scanning module.
The nominal output voltage is unipolar from 0 to 150 V. The outputs are
protected against short-circuits and have a current limiter in order to pro-
tect them. The following functions are available:
•   Stepping with up to 150 V or up to 10 kHz rate,
•   Setting an offset voltage (value after amplification: 0 .. +150 V),
•   Amplifying DC-IN voltages from -10 .. +10 V input coerced to (nominally) 0 .. +150 V output,
•   Adding an AC-IN voltage to the output (not amplified),
•   Filtering of the output voltage with either 16 or 160 Hz or no filtering,
•   Measuring the capacitance of an attached piezo,
•   OUT LED to indicate positive output voltage above ~1 V,
•   ACT LED to indicate stepping,
•   Single, continuous, or endless stepping.

Technical Specifications

Modes of Operation

Controller Hardware

connection cable (ELE - POS)

1 per axis, length: 2m

Software Drivers

Output Signals

stepping-voltage range

0..150 V

stepping-frequency range

  • - 0..10 kHz

stepping-maximum current

100 mA, 4.5 A peak (max. 1 ms)

resolution of signal generation

2.3 mV (16 bit)

output noise

< 5 mVpp (20 MHz bandwidth)

maximum capacitance load

5 µF

Trigger Signals

Options and Upgrades