ECC100/SYNC/PRO Piezo Motion Controller

for driving up to
3 attocube ECS positioning systems,
open and closed loop mode
incl. activation of the ethernet interface
and EPICS drivers
incl. activation of the PRO software
incl. EOT detection, AquadB in/out,
Multi-device operation, open-loop fine positioning
and variable closed-loop setpoint,
incl. 1 USB cable,
incl. 1 country specific mains cable
Art. No.: 1008279

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Product Description


The three axes controller ECC100 is driving and controlling all ECS positioners in open and closed loop mode. The ECC100 can be controlled through USB, input/output triggers, or Ethernet (optional) and is delivered with Windows based Software, DLL, LabViewTM, and EPICS (optional) drivers set.

Technical Specifications

Modes of Operation

open loop positioning

stepping signals for ECS positioners

closed loop positioning

closed loop control for ECS/NUM positioners

remote operation

  • - USB 2.0
  • - Ethernet

Controller Hardware


approx. 21 x 21 x 5 cm³


1.9 kg

power supply

100/115/230V, 50 .. 60 Hz


IEC inlet

connection cable (ELE - POS)

1 per axis, length: 2m

Software Drivers

Windows, Linux

  • - Stand-alone application for Windows XP™
  • - 7™
  • - 8™
  • - 10™
  • - DLL
  • - LabVIEW™
  • - PRO software (upgraded Daisy)
  • - Epics (ethernet required)

Output Signals

output voltage range

stepping : 0 .. 45 V

output current

stepping : max > 5 A peak

resolution of signal generation

680 µV (16 bit)

output noise

< 5 mVpp (500 kHz bandwidth)

maximum capacitance load

2 µF

output connectors

15-Pin SubD connector

setpoint bandwidth

20 Hz

Trigger Signals

trigger level definition

TTL, AquadB

input trigger

1 per axis

trigger interface

GPIO - port

Options and Upgrades


SpaceNavigator® (art. no. 1009915)

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